InBLISS® and OneList® System Requirements

(Revised February 17, 2010)

InBLISS®, the Internet Business Listing Information Support System, and its accompanying modules, including OneList® and the InBLISS® Buyer Management System™, from Johnson Services /, Inc. are more than a web-based listing service. They are a full multiple-listing management system for business brokers. Because of this your use of the system must meet our minimum technical requirements as outlined below in order to receive support. If you feel you meet these requirements and you are having difficulties using InBLISS® please fill out and submit our support request form.

Although you may be able to successfully access the InBLISS® system using a computer system that does not meet these requirements, there is no guarantee that it will work. We are no longer testing the compatibility of the system except with supported browsers. As such, if you encounter an issue, we recommend that you switch to a supported browser and try again before contacting us for support. If you do ask for support without using a supported browser or using an operating system other than as noted below, there will be a charge for the support request as outlined in our Terms of Use. Whether we are able to resolve the issue or not, the charge is non-refundable.

Required Browser Options:

Although it has always been our intent, beginning with this revision of our system requirements we are clarifying that we require everyone to keep their browsers up-to-date in order to access the member service area. Not only does this allow us to provide the best user experience, but it helps ensure that your browsers are as secure as possible. Early browser versions, especially Internet Explorer 6, contained numerous security risks or were highly incompatible with Internet Standards. As of the date of posting of these system requirements, the latest released stable versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are as noted below.

Browser Internet Explorer Firefox for
Windows or Mac
Version Supported Version 8 Firefox 3.6
Operating System Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Mac OS/X 10.4 or later

Beginning with this revision of our system requirements, we will stop supporting prior versions of supported browsers three (3) months after release of a newer stable release. A release is defined to mean a service pack release or new version release for Internet Explorer and a stable released "dot" revision or stable next version release of Firefox. We do not support beta versions of either browser.

Other Requirements:

Optional, but recommended:

A DSL / Cable / Fiber or other high speed Internet connection
Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Note: To print certain forms, reports, and MLS worksheets in PDF format, Adobe Acrobat (the full product, not the free Adobe Reader product) is required. Visit for more information on Adobe products.
Microsoft Excel 2002/XP or better: To export advanced listing display reports to Excel. The export to Excel is not supported on other spreadsheet applications (such as Lotus 1-2-3 or Quattro Pro).
A spell-checking tool (see broker tools after logging in to the member service area)


InBLISS® has a built-in security feature which requires that you log in again if your Internet connection to us is broken, or if there has been no activity between your browser and our server for more than 40 minutes. The counter restarts every time you click a button or menu option that displays a new page. If you are working on a longer document, be sure to save it every so often to ensure that your work is not lost.
You must have session cookies enabled and allow JavaScript to run (this is the default setting for all supported browsers).
InBLISS® will open new windows for some of the maintenance and report selections. Therefore you must allow pop-ups for this website. In Internet Explorer, the easiest way to do this is to click on Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy and then click on the "Settings" box. Under "Address of website to allow " enter this website's address, click on ADD, then click on Close and then click on OK. Note that if the settings box is grayed out, then you are OK as you do not have the pop-up blocker turned on. If your browser is set to the default settings, this should not be needed.
If you are having difficulties logging in, submit our support request form with details of the problems you are experiencing.
There is an enormous variety of web browsers on the market. However, Johnson Services / ATGroup only supports the InBLISS system when used with a supported browser. Support for issues related to the web browser itself, including the configuration and use of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) or Firefox, will incur a charge.
Your web browser must be configured to allow session cookies and to allow JavaScript to run. Both of these technologies are turned on by default in MSIE and Firefox. If cookies are a concern, it is possible to turn off cookies, yet enable them for your use of InBLISS. JavaScript can also present certain risks and we recommend that you have the latest anti-virus software installed and kept up to date as well as to be sure to apply all security patches when made available for your software (Windows or Mac operating systems). We also recommend that you review your security settings to ensure they are appropriately set for your use. We make no warranty regarding Internet-borne risks. Any questions regarding your browser settings should be addressed to the browser vendor (e.g., visit or

Disclaimer: InBLISS is designed by, Inc. exclusively for professional agents and brokers to list businesses for sale and for potential buyers to review and interact with those professionals. The listings have been provided by the agents and brokers., Inc. has not and will not verify any of the information contained within the listings and assumes no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of information entered into our applications by agents, brokers, or any party.

InBLISS® and OneList® are registered service marks of Johnson, Inc. used under license by, Inc.

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